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Tensile Fabric Structure

Tensile Fabric Structure

The stretch fabric is used to protect the door and window tension structures used as an exhibition element against traditional and modern buildings, urban focal points and local icons. Membrane awnings are ideal for columns without wide areas. The fabric cover is tensioned to provide stable structural support.

We are dedicated to providing a diverse range of Stretch Fabric and Stretch Structure, and sometimes Fibers, with manufacturing materials and methods. We are one of a group of leading tensile manufacturers who have a wide variety of exterior cladding, hallways, restaurants, bars, hospitals, gardens and functional fabric structures. offers an impressive local focal point.

Tensile Structures are bright and lightweight additions to existing buildings World Class Food Court Canopies, Garden Gazebo, Traction Membrane, Car Parking Blinds, Beach Traction Structures, Expandable Fabric Architecture, and Compression Structures tension in India

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