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Awning Canopy

Awning Canopies

Tensile Architecture provides exclusive range of outdoor canopies is designed and manufactured with high quality material and we are involved in offering a wide range of designer awnings sourced from

This wiring is manufactured by our supplier with a wide range of top-quality raw materials and high-end machinery compliance with international market standards and Tensile Architecture for

A cantilever awning is a secondary covering attached to the exterior wall of the building where our products are designed and manufactured by high quality factors that come from trusted

We offer high quality residential and commercial awning awnings, basket shaped window awning awnings, fixed awning awnings, retractable arm awnings, glass awnings and vertical awnings.

They are abstracted amps used to cover terraces, windows and balconies; For outdoor seating in restaurants and farms, farms and buildings.

In addition to this, we also specialize in customizing these awning awnings according to other requirements, such as balcony awning awnings and combinations of dimensions, shapes and colors.